Advanced Mass Stack


This is an 8 week cycle which is going to give you the best results possible.

Product Description

This is an 8 week stack. It includes:


2 Wyked 2.1

2 Trien

2 Alpha bulk

2 P-Bold

2 GHenerate

2 LG 1-Andro



2 Rise and Swell



1 Rise and Swell

1 Form XT



Are you ready to graduate to the next level?  Leave your pull-ups behind and wear big boy pants? GREAT!!!  This is an 8 week cycle which is going to give you the best results possible. In addition to having twice the length of the Basic Mass Stack, I have included pBold for your joints and an extra anabolic, Ghenerate to give you a natural Growth Hormone (GH) spurt before you go to bed, and enough Rise and Swell to last all 8 weeks of the cycle as a On Cycle Therapy (OCT) and the 4 weeks of Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)


Alpha Bulk

This is a prohormone to testosterone. I made this stack to work and this is the key component of gaining mass, Test is best after all. Testosterone aside from providing the most mass of any pro hormone or steroid also provides you with sex drive and sexual functioning. A good cycle will almost always have a test base, and this is the best test base you can legally buy!



This is a 6-keto-pregnenolone which shifts the carbs and fat away from fat storage and to muscular development. Simply put it makes your gains leaner.  It doesn’t convert into testosterone or anything close so it shouldn’t have a negative effect on natural testosterone production.


Wyked 2.1

Is my first born.  It is an advanced preworkout that has all the ingredients that are standard in other pre workouts BUT I made it wth the correct amounts! All other companies stiff you on the ingredients which provide a pump, that which actually builds muscle. Instead of including the correct amounts of the muscle building ingredients , these companies just use stimulants which eat away muscle and mask it with a “Proprietary Blend” which is a legal loophole which allows them to include 1/10th the correct amount of the real ingredients and not disclose this to you, the consumer that overpaid for their garbage. I also included several other ingredients no one else uses to increase natural growth hormone production, increase fat burning, and increase the effects og the IGF-1 you release from taking sets beyond failure (the only way to train).



The Holy grail of anabolics is a mythical compound that builds muscle but has no side effects. ! andro is that holy grail!  Having a double bond at position 1 but not at position 4 prevents 1-andro from being converted to either estrogen or DHT, the two metabolites of testosterone which cause the side effects.  SInce DHT and Estrogen are the cause of shutdown of natural test production 1-andro has minimal shutdown and is clearly the best prohormone or anabolic agent ever to be created.



pBold is a prohormone to boldone AKA EQ.  This is a mild version of testosterone with an amazing health benefit: it increases collagen synthesis thus protecting your tendons and joints from the wear and tear that all the heavy mass building deals on your joints!  No matter how good your diet and cycle is tendonitis from improper form can make you take months off from training, give yourself a safety net with this amazing prohormone pBold!!



This is a sublingual (under the tongue) spray which causes natural growth hormone release to be amplified almost 10 fold!  Its great before bed, these growth hormone releasing ingredients are already included in your Rise and Swell and Wyked 2.1 so you get 3 major GH spurts a day! Each spurt is more effective than the last so the amount of growth hormone released when you go to bed is a tsunami compared to what it normally would be!


On Cycle Therapy:


Rise and Swell

Rise and swell is the best natural test booster I can legally make. It is great for growth hormone release first thing in the morning when you need it to combat the muscle wasting effects of Cortisol and burn fat. I included extra components to increase fat burning and muscle pumps all day!! but thats not all! Rise and swell since it boosts natural testosterone will ameliorate the natural testosterone shutdown caused by prohormones and other anabolics. Its like a bullet proof vest against the worst side effect of anabolics use; natural test shutdown. for this reason I included it for all 12 weeks, 8 weeks of the cycle to keep your natural test production strong for better sexual functioning, and the 4 weeks of post cycle therapy so you’re stimulating your testes to make testosterone and not lose your gains!


Post Cycle Therapy:

Rise and Swell and Form XT

This is your post cycle therapy.  The Rise and Swell has DAA in it which has been proven time and again to increase testosterone up to its maximum natural level, along with the aromatase inhibitor and SERM in the Form-XT this provides a three prong approach to returning natural testosterone back to normal. Additionally there are things in the Rise and Swell to help with Growth Hormone production and fat burning.  This will help you burn fat and build muscle after your cycle so that not only do you keep what you built, you build more!



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