LG Sciences and The Prohormone Ban.

LG Sciences Products ­ and DASCA 2014

The pro-hormone ban of 2014-2015 is now in effect. We have been getting many emails from customers asking how it will effect buying and selling muscle building supplements. Just like you we are users of prohormones and found them to be a good legal alternative to buying or using illegal steroids. As many steroids on the black market are fake, and are often made in make shift labs in Mexico. As appossed to prohormones being made in FDA inspected labs.

The Anabolic Control Act of 2014, signed by the President will greatly impact our industry and bring some much needed reform to the entire category of prohormones, grey market steroids and DSHEA compliant products.

Grey market steroids that are chemically altered or adulterated substances and have been always illegal. DHSEA clearly lays out that any product that is not derived naturally or is a metabolite of something derived naturally is already illegal. LG Sciences since 2004 has always maintained it’s manufacturing process in accordance to the DSHEA law. Steroids like Epistane, Halodrol, Trenavar and many others have been illegal for many, many years now. Many of thes designer steriods were toxic to the liver, which leads to injuries and news headlines. This hurts the entire industry and brings unnecessary scrutiny on an overall safe dietary supplement category.

Grey market steroids give the industry a bad name and lead to things like this bill, which is very restrictive of innovation and moves our country (which is legalizing marijuana rapidly) to the stone age in terms of punishing the people for wanting to use relatively safe “drugs” to improve their lives.

The bill itself is pretty clear what things are NOT considered anabolic steroids. They are as follows:

Progestins like 17-­ProAndro and pBOLD and 6-­Mass
DHEA like our M1D Andro (5­DHEA) and 1­-Andro (4­DHEA)
Items that are derived from plants and are not androgenic nor anabolic like our EpiAndro (1,2,3)
Things that are structurally significantly different from testosterone or the steroids listed explicitly in the bill and are not anabolic nor androgenic like 3,5­Diene-­Dione in Form­XT.

Others said this wouldn’t happen and that grey market steroids would be around forever. They said that someone would find another “loophole” to keep making designer steroids that are illegal with the FDA but DEA legal. LG Sciences has kept a very consistent message that natural hormones derived from DHEA and Progestins are healthy for men over 21 who want to balance their hormone levels and maintain good health.

In our opinion here is a list of the hormones that are still legal after the bill is made into law:

1­-dehydroepiandrosterone (1-­Andro, 3b­-Hydroxy-­Androst-­1­ene-­17­one)
4-­dehydroepiandrosterone (4-­Andro, 3b-­Hydroxy­-Androst-­4­ene-­17­one)
Epiandrosterone (3b-­Hydroxy-­Androstane-­17­one)
This bill carries some stiff penalties so it’s best that people don’t test it by coming out with steroids that are a few atoms away from something that is illegal.


Also, the good news is that the importation and manufacturing of illegal steroids in this bill carries some very ugly fines and criminal sentences, thus you won’t probably be seeing too many small underground brands on the shelves. Unless someone has a pill press, their manufacturer is on the hook for whatever is made, which will send a very chilling message to the thousands of small, poorly labeled and manufactured brands that you find in retail stores across the country.

We suspect that as research moves forward, new and stronger big muscle builders will become available and we will keep you up-to-date on them.

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