How to Get Maximum Fat Loss without Losing Muscles

Summer is near and tons of people out there might be looking for that ripped beach body. Almost all of those who want to get ripped by adopting the journey of fat loss follow two most accepted ways to it. First, an excessive diet followed by excessive exercise and workout. Second, opting for weight loss supplement followed by punctual exercise and a bit of diet. However, the common act in both the ways that ultimately lead to weight loss is Diet and Exercise. Without proper diet and exercise, fat loss is hard to achieve. On the contrary, weight loss supplements are bliss in this era of hectic days and sleepless nights. Supplements act as mediator or space fillers to fulfill the gap of nutrition and energy required for excessive workouts and tasteless diets. The most common problem faced by people during this extensive and hectic fat loss journey is loss of muscles alongside fat loss. Today at Live Lean Today we will disclose a close solution to this problem which we have heard from many of our clients. Follow these tips and lose only your fat, not muscles.

Eat Small Meals Throughout the Day:

Instead of eating one or two big meals a day, start eating 6 to 7 small meals a day. The amount of calories consumed vs calories burned decide the actual fat loss. Thus, eating small meals will slightly increase the body temperature, consequently burning fats in a regulated amount throughout the day.

Reduce the Amount of Calories:

Eating fewer calories than required each day will compel the body to use the stored fat to form energy and fill the energy requirement gap.

Follow this practice in order to get effective results:

Consume around 13 times your bodyweight in lbs of calories each day. Therefore if you weigh 180lbs you want to consume about 2340 calories divided in to 6 or 7 small meals each day.


Consume More Proteins:

Proteins and protein foods are well known for their effective results regarding increased muscles. Proteins are also useful when it comes to metabolism for burning body fat. Start eating at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. However, the more the better, so slowly increase it to around 1.5. It is wise to eat protein only from lean sources such as chicken breast, turkey, egg whites, and protein powder.


Try a Cheat Meal:

The journey to getting shredded and lean is not as simple as it seems after listening to inspirational words such as lose your weight easily, lose your weight with supplementation and related tag lines. It takes guts to get lean and follow a punctual diet plan over a period of time. Since you are low on calories, fats, and more, it becomes difficult for the body to survive. In this situation a cheat meal is the best option to get rid of those low feelings. Having a cheat meal such as meat etc. once a week during cutting will not disrupt your diet nor negatively affect your fat loss. Instead, having a cheat meal once a week during fat loss will provide a boost to your body to work harder.

Going further, at Live Lean Today we advise to add prohormones in the diet frequently during the fat loss journey. Prohormones have the tendency to provide with utmost benefits and motivational boosts in the form of metabolism, and more.


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