Are Pro Hormones Safe

What are Prohormones? Are They Safe?

Not twisting the tales and before explaining what prohormones actually are, those who know about them should be quite familiar about the fact that prohormones are a sort of miracle for body builders, gymnasts, competitive athletes, and related sports persons. However, with the arrival of the Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2014, a number of species of grey market prohormones, for example those containing 17a Methyl, have been regulated and been termed as illegal.


Prohomone is a part of, or one can say, a type of hormone. Prohormones get converted into a steroid within the body, and the effectiveness of steroid is known to everyone. The intent of prohormones is related to the enzymatic process. During metabolism the precursor gets converted to fully active hormones.  As discussed above, athletes have been using prohormones and related supplements to increase size, strength, endurance, reduce recovery time, and or to get lean body mass. Prohormones are not a miracle pill and thus needs to be followed by a proper diet and exercise plan so as to see effective results.  They are however very powerful and should not be abused so follow the recommendations for dosage. Read more about do’s, dont’s, and more about Prohormone Supplements at Live Lean Today’s website.

As soon as people reach the point of Prohormones being a really effective supplement, the first thing pinching them inside is, Are Prohormones Safe? Illegal prohormones have been banned by the govt. of US. Such illegal prohormone supplements were termed as grey market steroid. To know more about the ban and what prohormones are still safe and legal to buy, check out Live Leans Today’s website.

At Live Lean Today we have banked a treasure of utmost safe and possibly effective prohormone supplements such as Androgo– 17, M1D Andro, and more. These supplements carry legitimate ingredients that have been categorized as legal under the Anabolic Act 2014.

List of ingredients that are still safe to buy:

*Herbal or other botanical.

*A concentrate, metabolite, or extract of, or a constituent isolated directly from, an herb or other botanical.

*A combination of 2 or more substances described in item (aa) or (bb).

*A dietary ingredient for purposes of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. 301et seq.); and
not anabolic or androgenic.

However, certain more substances such as Oestrogens, progestins, corticosteroids, and dehydroepiandrosterone, are also in the list of exempted substances.

To know more about prohormones and where to buy legal prohormone supplement for body building and more, reach us at

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